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IWA Lifesytle™ is an international lifestyle brand created in 2013 as a homage and celebration of the beauty, culture, and style of women living throughout the African Diaspora. Inspiration for the brand can be found in the rich textiles of Africa, the vibrant colors of the Caribbean, and the natural wonders of South America.

IWA is dedicated to celebrating the character of feminine energy through positive self-image and size equality. There are five pillars of the IWA brand, which include:










The goal of IWA Lifestyle is to build an international network of women who are inspired to start and continue to live their best lives and achieve their greatness. Through various avenues such as clothing, media, and educational workshops, the company seeks to create a sustainable international platform for women throughout the diaspora to celebrate themselves and promote a world-wide culture of inspiration.

  • ALIGNMENT of the Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Emotional bodies


  • AWARENESS of self and surroundings

  • ACCOUNTABILITY to Self and Others, and

  • ACHIEVEMENT of ones highest potential